Why bother having a professional headshot?

November 7, 2016


Okay time for a headshot round up. My most recent Photo Heads blog posts have been about food photography so I thought that I should post a few headshot images and share my thoughts on the subject of company headshots.



There are a host of reasons why companies choose to have photographic portraits of their employees but some companies don’t know why they’ve done it – they’re simply copying their competitors. This has got to be the worst possible reason for commissioning some professional photographs of the company team members. Here are a few reason why you should be thinking about commissioning some professional photographs.


TRUST– Seeing a face can help build trust in the company which is probably more relevant to certain industries than others. Estate agents, recruitment companies and solicitors can often get a bit of a bad press and it’s really helpful for these companies to say, hey we’re actually a nice bunch of people and a photograph goes some way to helping this.

CULTURE – Another reason for showing off your company headshots are for you to show off your company culture, reinforcing your brand values. For example, you might be proud of the fact that your staff don’t wear suits and ties to work. Appearing smart but relaxed in your portraits might help attract like minded clients (or employees).

PR – A professional headshot isn’t just for the ‘about us’ page on your website. Your corporate portrait might also be used for your incorporation into bids, speaking engagements or even published in articles that you’ve written or contributed to. If you’re putting in a load of effort or a ton of money trying to get featured in a trade publication or other media outlet, you probably want to have a good picture of yourself too.


Photo Heads headshot

Off centre headshot


Elevated point of view headshot

Photo Heads Headshot-57

Headshot looking away from camera


If you’d like to see more of my images or would like to discuss a photographic project that you’re planning then get in touch, I’d love to help.

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