Brands need to improve the quality of their Instagram photographs

November 14, 2016





I’m going to talk about the use of photography in social media, specifically Instagram and a few suggestions to make your feed look better. However, before we get started let’s just make it clear that I’m not one of the millions of self-proclaimed social media gurus! My expertise comes is obviously photography.


Looking at a large brand’s Instagram feed recently, I was amazed at the quality of the content. It wasn’t terrible but it didn’t seem to be of the same high standard as their other marketing activities.  I can understand why, this company provide a financial service for small businesses. The subject matter isn’t particularly exciting and doesn’t lend itself to great photography – other businesses such as food or fashion brands have certainly got the advantage because their products lend themselves to beautiful imagery.


This company’s feed consisted of is a selection of images mostly taken at trade shows. So the majority of the feed features lanyard wearing men and women stood together at a brightly lit trade sow. The problem is that the feed is boring and the quality was understandably disappointing..



How exactly do you make financial services exciting? I don’t think that you can make financial products exciting to the wider Instagram audience but what you can do is make them relevant. If the service targets small businesses, use a narrative that appeals to small business owners, entrepreneurs and start-ups, which can be done by telling your customer stories. A simple headshot of a business owner with a comment about their business process or maybe a product shot relevant to an industry that you’re targeting. Use an appropriate hashtag and a strong photograph that encourages people to engage with your content.


The key things to consider are,

  • Produce content relevant to your target audience.
  • Use hashtags associated with the discussions that you want to be part of.
  • Stay consistent, so that people know what to expect from your feed.
  • The quality of your photography reflects on your brand so produce the best photographs that you can.






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