The therapeutic process of commercial photography

November 28, 2016


Photography is a pretty therapeutic career choice. Some people love their jobs and I’m one of those people, I love being a commercial photographer, it’s calming and if you ever watch me work you’ll see what I mean.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not the calmest person you’ll ever meet, I get over excited and things annoy me, in the words of Bruce Banner ‘you wouldn’t like me when I’m angry’, although you probably wouldn’t like anyone when they’re angry. But when it comes to my job I love it, I love working out of Bristol and Bath so that’s a good start but the process of taking pictures, making images is incredibly calming.

The reason for this is that photography is a creative endeavour but it’s also process driven. When you taken on a commercial brief from a client there’s a potential for stress, making sure that you deliver what they’re expecting, often with short time frames but when you’ve been photographing for almost 20 years you rely on your instincts and experience to produce what’s required. Working my tool of the trade, the camera to manipulate the light, framing, repositioning the products, positioning people and myself are all absorbing actions. I get a real sense of pleasure from using my expertise and a experience to try and take better pictures than the last time I picked up my camera.

And the client has no idea how hard you’re working to make their images the best images you’ve ever taken. They probably just see a photographer going about his business but you know what, it rubs off. If you want to feel relaxed then hire a photographer for a day. Yes you’ll get some great product shots, headshots or whatever but you’ll have a great day – I know I will.

And that’s the reason why I’m good at what I do because I enjoy it. Although this might not be the reason you visited the Photo Heads site today, you’re going to get some advice – make sure you enjoy whatever it is that you do and I bet you’ll be better at it.

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