Creative Photo Headshots

January 23, 2017

Not all headshots need to be the same, although there is a tendency to play it safe, try and be different. Not too different but be open to new ideas.


This is true of all forms of marketing, don’t just follow the pack, or close to the front of the pack, at least. Allow your photographer to be creative with your company’s photo headshots so that they represent your business values and the individual’s personalities. So set fire to the boring white background, stop worrying about looking directly at the camera and ditch the classic arms folded pose.


Let’s be honest we’re tired of seeing the same old naff company profile pictures but exactly how creative an individual is with their company headshot does depend on the type and size of the business and I’m not suggesting that you have to completely throw the old rule book out of the window. For example some large law firms might need to take a gradual approach to a change of style, but when it comes to startups, scaling businesses or other progressive SMEs try something different. What I’m proposing isn’t even that different, it’s just, well… not boring. So here’s a little Photo Heads pointer on some of the things you might consider when commissioning a headshot.


Location, location, etc

So, we’re agreed – white backgrounds are out right! After white backgrounds came the brick wall background, which is a fairly common alternative. This might be the safe step away from standing in front of the screen that Mrs Accountant or Mr Solicitor need to shake things up a little. One way to pick an alternative background is to relate it to what your business. If you’re office based, use your office. If you’ve got some kind of foodie enterprise then maybe get into the kitchen, or a restaurant.


Be yourself

The main problem whit the same old, same old of commercial headshots is that everybody looks the same. Business is built on relationships and personality so embrace that. If you wear a vest to work and your customers buy into that, then wear the vest in your headshot. Be careful with this, don’t try and be something you’re not, bankers in shades probably won’t work.


Stop looking at me

This is an interesting point to consider, should you look at the camera? In most cases the answer is yes, especially for LinkedIn profiles, CVs and things of that nature. However, there are times when you’ll want a picture for your website or printed marketing material that looks more natural or caught in the moment. The picture below is a great example of not a candid looking shot. Taken out of context it might look surprising to see a picture of somebody using their phone in the picture but this is an incredibly useful portrait for a social media consultant or tech industry professional.


If you’re planning your company headshots then get in touch.

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