Different Types of Headshots – LinkedIn VS Instagram

August 31, 2017


There are a heap of different reasons for having professional headshot so you need to think about what you’re planning to do with your photograph once you have it.


Some of the reasons people commission a headshot photographer is for the business portraits to use on the company website, in bid documents and CVs and of course the LinkedIn profile. But there are other reasons that you’re might need need a professional portrait too. The portraits in this blog post could be used for Insta profile pics. The big question is, why have a professional Instagram profile pic. You don’t necessarily need one, although if you are planning to use Instagram for professional development then a pro image is so important. It’s also great for your personal brand.


So what’s the difference between an Instagram and a LinkedIn profile? One of the main differences is the user base. LinkedIn is specifically a professional social media platform which means that you need to follow some of the same conventions as your typical white collar business portrait. Make sure you’re staring directly at the camera, son’t have anybody else in the shot, look confident, relaxed and approachable. When using LinkedIn people can be a bit serious. I don’t agree that you need to be super serious to be professional but that’s how LinkedIn plays out so maybe conform a little.


Instagram on the other had is much broader in it’s function. Sure some of the same people are using both LinkedIn and Insta but they behave differently on the mobile based picture sharing app. Even though some people are using Instagram for business and networking purposes they’re not as stuffy about it. Pure and simple, Instagram is just cooler than Linkedin so your profile picture doesn’t need to be so business like. Let your hair down, look away from the camera and relax the dress code.


Unless you’re a celebrity or part of the social media elite, it’s pretty unlikely that you’re going to hire a photographer to take some pro shots for your Insta profile. However if you’re hiring me for your professional shots, speak to us about taking some relaxed portraits for your other social media accounts.





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