Headshot Photography Swindon

September 21, 2017

Swindon, I know!


Most of my work is in London, so as I travel along the M4 or on a First Great Western Train I go past Swindon all the time. But I didn’t expect to to stop and work there, it’s not the sort of place I imagine myself doing much work but if somebody asks that I travel to Swindon for some corporate headshots then why not. I’m pleased I did too because the people were great and the results were good too but I’ll let you be the judge of that.


The client was a company called Intergraph which is part of Hexagon and the team I was working with were really positive in their approach. They liked my style of headshots photographed in the office environment and trusted me to make them look good. The planned use for their portraits were primarily for promotional purposes but I’m sure they’ll use them for their LinkedIn profiles and if and when their website incorporates company photographs, they’re good to go.


As with most shoots it’s important to try and be as efficient as possible without rushing. The best result come from a calm well coached shot so I don’t ever rush through a shoot but it’s equally important to get through the shot as quickly as possible to avoid causing distraction or disruption to the business that’s commissioned me.


You’ll see from the selection of pictures below is that the we managed to get everybody looking nice and relaxed and addressing the camera with confidence. And there you have it, headshots that deliver a great first Impression.


Have a look through some of the headshots from this session and get in touch if you like to know more about arranging your own headshot – whether you’re in Swindon or not.


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