Headshot Photography Clerkenwell

October 9, 2017

Here’s a little look back at some work completed for the engineering consultancy Scotch Partners in Clerkenwell, Central London. I was lucky enough to visit Scotch on three separate occasions capturing a mix of photographic assignments.


The main requirement was a request for headshots. This evolved into some additional web content photography which incorporated imagery that will tell the story about what this company does and to give an impression about their ethos, which I’ll show you in a future blog post (so follow Photo Heads so that you can see this post as soon as it’s live). There was also a little bit of architectural and urban photography too.


But back to the headshots. I really enjoyed shooting for this company. They’re based in quite a fashionable part of London so I knew they were going to be a forward-thinking bunch. Scotch Partners did not disappoint. There was a little creative negotiation that happened between me and the client to create the right look. Based on what I’d been told about their forthcoming website I was keen to deliver a mix of some light and some reasonably dark portraits that would stand head and shoulders above your standard, well, head and shoulders shot.


The client was slightly hesitant about the portraits looking too dark but they never were going to be super moody. Ultimately, I, and more importantly, they were really pleased with the final images.


Have a look for yourself and you’ll see this is a perfect mix between corporate headshot and creative portrait. What these images will do really well is create the perfect first impression. They will let Scotch Partner’s clients know that they do a good job and that quality is important too. Not to mention how effin cool in these pictures.



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