Contemporary Headshot Photography

October 30, 2017


In this post, I’ll briefly explain what I love about this contemporary headshot, what it’s strengths are and in doing so hopefully you will understand a little about the Photo Heads ethos and it might also help you to think about what it is you want from a portrait.


What exactly makes a contemporary headshot?

There are a number of styles that you could choose for a contemporary headshot but the main difference is that photography has moved from the boring days of old, naff pictures taken against a white background with awkward looking poses. In this particular portrait the subject is sat at a desk in an office environment. The purpose of the image context and that’s what makes it look more contemporary. The shot is taken in the company offices using the real working environment as a background. It’s an honest representation of the company and the people working there.


The other thing about this picture that makes this a contemporary business portrait is the dress codes – suits are out. If you don’t wear a suit and tie to work then why where it to your photoshoot. again, this honesty is a much more modern approach to the stuffy old rules of doing business.


Why do I love this portrait?

As I’ve tried to point out above, contemporary headshots are much more relaxed and honest looking that ever before. However, having your picture taken isn’t an everyday occurrence for ‘real people’ so I need to chat to people to put them at ease and coach them into the most flattering poses. And that’s what I love about this photograph. This guy wasn’t showy and dying to have his picture taken but he followed direction really well and let me take the lead.


It really helps to get the best out of people when they’re willing to work with you on their headshot and that’s what I love about this picture. Oh and it’s quite dark too, I went for a slightly darker look with these shots taken at a an office in Clerkenwell, London and it suits this particular company.



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