Headshot Photography Sessions And How To Prepare

December 8, 2017

So first of all lets just introduce what a headshot is and the purpose of this style of photography. This will help you to understand how to be prepare for your photoshoot.


A headshot is a first impression. In some cases it’s the first time that a potential client, customer or business partner will put a face to your name, or voice. So you want to make a good impression and to represent who you are, and what you represent, both your company and in some cases your own personal brand. Ideally you should appear confident, honest and approachable.


So how exactly do you prepare for a headshot? There’s not a great deal of preparation needed because the photographer will do the work for you by coaching, positioning and lighting you but here are a few pointers.



Stick to your company guidelines. Try and look as smart as possible, if your company is suited and booted then carry on in that vein. If your company culture doesn’t embrace the tie then don’t wear one. Unless your marketing department or boss tell you differently wear similar clothes to the ones you would wear for a day in the office or a client meeting.



You don’t have to have a haircut but try and have your hair looking it’s best. Although, this will help the photograph it will also help you to feel confident that you look your best.



There’s no need to go crazy just do what you would normally do for a job interview or client meeting. Don’t just slap it on to hide any imperfections. A good photographer will make you look your best.


Facial Hair

Ok boys, tidy up that beard, shave the nostril hairs and trim those bushy bits growing out of your ears and you’ll look great.



Most importantly, relax. Having your photograph taken really isn’t that bad so just look smart, tidy and relaxed.

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