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January 10, 2018


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Photo Heads is opening it’s doors to anybody looking for a new headshot. Actor headshots, author pictures, business portfolios and anything else that requires your face to be photographed for a first impression or for lasting impact. All you have to do is turn up and get shot.

I’ll give you an hour of my time, although you don’t have to spend the full hour with me – if you’re short on time we can get it done a lot faster. However, an hour is a really nice amount of time to spend working on the perfect look. It also gives you the opportunity for a change of outfits too.


The process

The process is quite simple . You come along to the studio and we’ll start with a little bit of a chat to understand what you need your portrait to say about you, and to let you feel comfortable in the space and at ease with me the photographer. I’ll do the hard part of creating the right lighting, and I’ll also to give you a little coaching to help get the most out of the picture.

Don’t worry the coaching isn’t awkward, it’s more for me to help you get the most out of the session and to look your best.

You’ll be given some background options, from a plain backdrop to an exposed brick wall and there will be a few props if we need to give the image context or a ‘real world’ feel. With the exposed brick option, the background will be thrown out of focus creating a really nice looking and interesting backdrop. Not just somebody stood in front of a wall. You’ve also got the option of taking the shoot outside the studio to the surrounding areas if the weather’s good enough


The how, what, where and when

So, get in touch and book a space. The next shoots will be taking on the 19th & 22nd february 2018 at the Bricklane Studio, which is pretty close to Shoreditch High Street, Aldgate East and Liverpool Street Stations. Let me know if you can’t make that date and I’ll keep you updated about future dates. or you can go ahead and book yourself on to one of the sessions using the links below.


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View availability for 19th February 2018

View availability for 22 February 2018



Call me (Paul) on 07533848807 or email, paul@photoheads.co.uk.

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