East London Headshots at Bethnal Green’s Pill Box

February 21, 2018

The brief for these headshots were taken at East London’s Pill Box near Bethnal Green was to create an urban looking shoot.

In terms of location this was the perfect setting in principal. Geographically the Pill Box is pretty close to the city but in terms of experience it has a much grittier urban feel – it feels proper east end, know what I mean.

Railway arches, and graffiti make this hipster dwelling part of London look effortlessly urban. The challenge with that is to avoid looking cliched. Graffiti is one of the most commonly used signifiers of an urban setting – graffiti, cranes, subway stations and more are all overly used to tell people that the image is taken in the city. There’s nothing wrong with using these things but it’s important to make sure your pictures don’t just look like every other graffiti laden railway arch. And thats what we tried to do with these headshots.

Photographing a portrait means that person is the most important part of the photograph. Not just the person, the face and specifically the eyes. So this means that the background can’t be too distracting, and it usually means that it won’t be either the way we do things at Photo Heads. he background gets thrown out of focus and all the details like the East London archways and graffiti becomes more of a nice rich texture rather than the focus.

Have a look at the pictures for yourself but I love these. They perfectly reflect the Photo Heads style – the people in the shot are relaxed and the images themselves have that special something that makes them look like something other than your run of the mill commercial headshot.

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