Your Headshot Sucks and so Do You

May 9, 2018



Lets be clear this is not a Photo Heads photograph.


Your headshots sucks and so do you. Simple really, if your headshot looks bad then so will you, which means there’s only one thing to do – get rid of it.

How you get rid of it is up to you but just get rid of it. Delete or replace, do whatever just make sure it’s never seen again. Not having a headshot is better than a bad headshot. What a bad headshot says about you is that you don’t care about your appearance.

There’s no point getting distracted by the concept of personal branding but what is important is that you at least think about your appearance and how to make a good first impression. So immediately after reading this have a look at the picture you’re currently using for your LinkedIn profile, speaker’s headshot, author’s portrait or on your company website. Be objective and ask yourself what it really looks like and if it’s bad, get rid of it.

If it is a photograph that you use for professional purposes, you should ask yourself, ‘does this actually make me look professional?’. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you need a ‘professional photograph’ (although that obviously helps), in a nutshell, you should ask yourself, ‘would I turn up to meet people looking like that picture?’, and if the answer is no, ditch it quick.

I’ve seen some really bad headshot and here are a few things that I’ve seen that you should get rid of.

  • Awkward poses, posture or power stances.
  • More than one person in the picture – it sounds obvious but some people use a picture of themselves with a friend, but how are people supposed to know which of the two people you are?
  • Part of another person in the shot. This is an upgrade from the above where somebody takes a picture of them and their friend, cropping out most but not all of the other person. Somebody else’s ear or a floating arm in your headshot looks completely ridiculous.
  • A wedding picture. Even though this might well be a well taken image and possibly the best picture that exists of you, it still looks like you’re at a wedding and seems really out of place in a business setting.
  • An old picture. You might have gained a few pounds (or stone) and lost your hair but that’s what you look like so deal with it. The younger, more attractive tanned version of you is gone, you’ll only disappoint people when they meet you!
  • Strange accessories. Some accessories work, some of the time – a phone or MacBook can work depending on your vocation but I’ve seen some weird accessories in pictures that don’t belong there. A yacht, Porsche or cigarette are three of the strangest choices.

The list could have been longer but you get the point. Other things to avoid are dark pictures, out of focus shots, you know, just badly taken pictures.

Anyway, have a look at your headshot and if it needs changing do something about it. Quick delete or replace it NOW. You don’t want to end up looking like Susan below.

Again, lets be clear this is not a Photo Heads photograph.



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