Heels Make A Headshot

May 22, 2018


Should you wear heels in your headshot? Hell yeah. I know it sounds strange but it works and I’ll explain why.

A headshot is exactly that, a shot of your head (and shoulders) so on the whole ‘what happens from your chest down?’ thing doesn’t really matter because nobody will ever see it but heels matter – they matter because they are so great for posture. Good news if you’re heels sort of person. Time to crack them out for your headshot.

Whatever happens from your chest down will be invisible in the photograph so you can pretty much do what you like, turn up in your underwear, ride a unicycle or wear flip flops but it is useful to think about how what’s happening off-camera influences things on camera. Heels are really great for improving posture and body shape. Forget the crappy politicians power stance training and don a pair of stilettos, all of a sudden your body shape is incredible.

This post is probably going to be of more interest to women, who on the whole are more skilled at walking in heels but it doesn’t have to be. Men used to wear heels too. In the 17th century, the boys could be seen wearing heels as a status symbol and if you don’t believe me look up a portrait of Louis XIV and you’ll see what I mean. But fellas, if you are going to wear heels, make them fabulous.


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