Express Headshots

October 18, 2018

Some people love having their picture taken but the majority of people exist somewhere between not really wanting to have their portrait taken to absolutely hating it. So for those of you that don’t relish the thought of having your picture taken, an express headshot is the thing for you, right.

except here’s the thing a quick headshot is easier to achieve if you’re not in a rush! The more relaxed you are the quicker you’ll get through your headshot, basically.

I know it sounds like a catch 22 but you can do it. No matter how much you’re dreading having your picture taken try and chill out and you’ll get through it much quicker. It’s all about being present. Don’t get caught up thinking about all the awful photographs of you that might exist. Don’t stress about how terrible you might look in the photographs. `just relax.

Look at these headshots – relaxed. This guy was great he invested himself in the moment, relaxed, took direction when needed but also threw a few different looks for variety too.

It wasn’t awkward it was easy and he looks great. Oh and he was finished within 5 minutes too. And there you have it an express headshot.



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Above: Strong confident expression with good intensity.
Below: Super relaxed, slightly leaning back with confident half smile.

Below: Two things that are uncommon in a good headshot are a person with either their eyes closed or laughing. This has got all three but combined together and with the subject looking away from the lens, these no nos work nicely.

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