Food Photography

November 13, 2018

When it comes to food photography or menu photography it’s simple, make the food looking effin cool. It’s that easy.

Don’t just opt for the same old food and drink photography under the lights with the that’s been doing the rounds since the 80’s and 90’s and became well and truly routed in the 2000’s. Make sure that your food photography looks special. If food is your product as a restaurant, supplier or producer show off the craft behind it by using photography that is well crafted.

The other thing to remember is that you don’t have to just focus on the food itself. Produce a collection of food related images instead. Beautiful tableware will help make the food look super special. People make decisions about restaurants on more than just the food, the interior experience plays a part of diners decision making and this should be true in the photography too – create a lifestyle association.

Another thing to consider is that you might want to be different to your competitors. Have fun don’t just stick to pictures of the grub on a plate ready to be eaten. Half eaten pates, spilled drinks and forked food could be enough to make you look different.

Or maybe you could get creative with the lighting. Use light and shadow to for creative effect. Instead of your straight forward food shot go big onthe creativity, include some drama in the photograph or be abstract.

Above all just make sure that your food photographs look as appetising as the goods you’re trying to shift.


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