Stylish Corporate Headshot

December 7, 2018

This stylish corporate headshot was photographed in an office in Putney, London. It isn’t the most stylish photograph I’ve taken and it probably isn’t the most traditionally corporate photograph that I’ve even taken either but there’ something about it gives it that makes it a ‘stylish corporate headshot’.

It wasn’t a fussy shot, it was taken using natural light from a tinted window and a reflector to add a little bit fill on the opposite side. The background was a concrete pillar and a real office with real desks and real people working at the desks. The backdrop added texture but was thrown out of focus to avoid causing a distraction.

I love the lipstick colour in this shot which I decided to complement with a little bit of green influence in the edit. You’ll also notice that the colours have been slightly desaturated to make the feel of the picture feel soft and calm. The reason for that is mainly because of that there facial expression.

One of the challenges with a corporate headshot is heping people to look natural in front of the camera. If you’re not a model or actor this can take a little bit of work, but most people get there in the end. This girl nailed it. There were a few different expressions and emotions captured but my favourite is the calm, looking at the camera, staring directly at the lens. There’s no smile and no need for a smile because the expression looks cool, calm and in control without it. A stylish corporate headshot.



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