Check out the Shadow in this headshot

December 10, 2018

Check out the shadow in this headshot, it’s epic. I was shooting a bunch of natural light portraits in an Old Street Office – London’s silicon valley, silicon round about and all that, the Hackney gateway, yadda, yadda, yadda – and the light was just begging for me to take this shot.

I took a more conventional shot which you will see below and as I was I couldn’t take my eyes of the light streaming in through the window, it was so great that I just had to play about with it and luckily this guy was into it. 

So rather than defusing the light to soften it and making the deliberate decision to incorporate the shadow into the portrait we ended up with this awesome photograph.

I appreciate that this isn’t necessarily your everyday picture and it’s unlikely to be used for a business portrait and is going to work much better for an editorial image, and actor portrait or something that can exercise a little creative freedom. However, more and more businesses are getting creative with their corporate headshots so there might be a place for it with certain businesses.

What’s great about this portrait is the the use of shadows. There’s the use of shadow running across the face, creating a light and dark on opposite sides of the face. Then there’s the shadow on the wall behind. In most portraits photographers will work the subjects shadow out of the background but in this shot it’s the background shadow that helps to make the shot. It adds something really interesting by producing a second head within the picture.

As the subject looks away from the lens, ignoring you the viewer/reader of the image his shadow also stares off into the same direction. And even in the alternative mage where the guy looks at the camera, his shadow stretches away filling the empty space.

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