Natural Headshots

December 14, 2018

Natural headshots could fall into a number of different categories, incorporating things like natural light, relaxed poses or reduced hair and makeup. This portrait falls into all of the above.

It’s really important that portraits look as natural and comfortable as possible so when working with people I try and make sure they feel comfortable in front of the camera. But this process begins before we even meet. When preparing for a headshot I try and advise people to wear clothes that will make them feel comfortable. The same goes for hair and makeup – don’t go overboard, agin, feel comfortable.

What I love about this shot is that it follows all of those ideas so closely. Natural hair, no makeup exposing this girls freckles. It’s so honest and natural that her soul is right there for all to see. No weird uncomfortable moments just a pure this is me experience in front of the lens.

This picture was taken using daylight which complements the look and the pose is very very relaxed too. Leaning into the pilar to her left adds to the effortlessness of this photograph.

A lot of people can get distracted by the baggage of ‘trying to look their best’. Without getting to spiritual, a person’s best isn’t the clothes on their back, the way they wear their hair or the makeup they use it’s all about who they are and how they present that to the camera.

Having said that, this isn’t a look for everyone, some women or men might have felt exposed without employing strict grooming rituals so I’m not suggested you all take the natural route. My advice is to simply be relaxed and be yourself and that’s how you achieve a natural headshot.

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