Event Photography Portraits

December 17, 2018

Event photography portraits are a completely different experience and finished product to portraits and headshots taken in a studio or controlled environment.

Event photography is the reactive art or recording an event. Watching proceedings unfold and telling the story. Typically, a portrait photographed in a studio or on location will be controlled, with time to coach the subject and the light manipulated to create the perfect image.

Shooting a portrait at an event will is very different. In reality, it isn’t a thing – events are one thing and headshots and portraits are something altogether different. However working with Rachel Riley I needed to grab a super quick portrait that could be used for publication by my client.

There’s a hell of a lot of light polluting this portrait interfering with the colours and the direction of shadow. So it’s certainly not the perfect portrait but it works for an event portrait.

The other challenge is the limited amount of time spent with the subject (Countdown’s Rachel Riley) because a good portrait is made by working with the person to capture their personality, not just there physical likeness.

My favourite thing about this shot was the occasion. It was great to witness how genuinely lovely this particular celebrity is. One of the reasons I didn’t get much time with Rachel Riley was because she made so much effort with everybody attending the event. Staying late and missing her dinner to talk to people and pose for selfies.

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