72,000 Commercial Photographs This Year

December 18, 2018

I’ve finished my final shoot for the year. There’s still some editing to be done but I’m probably not going to be taking any more photographs so I did a little count to see how many pictures I’ve taken. I’ve taken 72,000 commercial photographs this year (2018) – headshots, editorial, events and the rest.

I don’t know how that stacks up against other photographers. I’m sure that others take more and some probably don’t take quite as many. And these are pretty much all commercial photographs, I didn’t get much chance to take any photographs for myself in 2018.

Not to squeeze all of the excitement and, passion and joy out of photography by reducing it to a set of numbers it is funny to think about how many pictures you take in a year because it’s impossible to stop yourself from calculating how many pictures you take in a week, 1,385. Or a day, 197! Then you realise that you’re averaging around eight photographs an hour. Which in itself might not sound a lot but that’s actually more than a timelapse camera (on certain projects).

If you’ve ever watched Grand Designs and seen the timelapse films o the construction being built they’re probably only taking around four – six images, and that’s a machine.

I’m pretty sure I’m not a machine and it’s unlikely that I’ll take fewer photographs next year. In fact I’ll probably take more, and to make sure I don’t turn into a machine some of those extra photographs will be some of a personal project – I’ve got an idea in mind to produce some really interesting portraits that will be super creative and ease my social conscience too.

Watch this space in 2019.

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