Stylish Bristol Headshot

December 19, 2018

Have a look at this stylish Bristol headshot. It’s got such a lovely feel to it with an almost cinematic quality.

Taken in a nice but no frills kind of meeting room the background hard to be dark to avoid making to much of an impact on the final image. The light on the woman’s face is just right to softly light the image with a subtle homage to photographs of someone like a young Eva Marie Saint but with a distinctly modern aesthetic overall.

There were shots taken straight on looking at the camera headshot style and then some looking away from the lens for more of a portrait. I particularly like the shot below where’s she’s looking away. As much as I enjoy making a connection between a person and the camera (and ultimately the viewer/reader of the photograph), I also love capturing that moment of serenity, where a person appears on their own. Alone in thought, undistracted by the clickity, click, click of a camera. Not being studied and shot by this man and his camera.

This isn’t a candid image because it has been staged and created but it feels so natural. Peaceful, stylish and honest. Of course I can’t take credit for the stylish element. The credit goes to the lady in the picture, for bringing her own style and relaxing into the shoot.

The final thing I want to say about the image below is the crop. Nice and tight, with heaps of width. You’ll notice that the top of her heads has been chopped out of the image. I wouldn’t have got a way with doing so with other shots where the image wasn’t quite so tight but with an image like this I had to.

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