Food & Drink Photography Bristol

January 28, 2019

Food and drink photography Bristol style. Food & drink photography is more or less the same wherever really but this post is for you people of Bristol.

When it comes to food photography Photo Heads specialise in food details, taking a more lifestyle approach to the craft. There is a place for white box photography in food photography but the food details we shoot are all about styling. And the trick with style is pretty much universal – making an effort to look effortless.

Food photography should look real, not necessarily imperfect looking but it should be recognisable as something that appeals to a person’s relationship with food. It’s crucial that the food being photographed is appealing – you need people to look at the food and want to eat it. This is what’s missing in a lot of the old school of food photography thinking.

If Instagram has taught us anything it as that people are in love with two things photography and food. If you’re crafting images to help sell your food it’s important to try and relate to the people that will be buying it.

Those people are making their own food and photographing it or they’re photographing the food that’s being served up for them in a restaurant or at a friend’s house. All of these formats look so much better than the old fashioned approach to food photography, with bright lights, shiny food that isn’t appealing at all.

So when it comes to food photography the trick is to keep it interesting. Quality photography, interestingly frame and set in a real world environment.

So if you’ve got some food and and you want it photographed get in touch to discuss some ideas.


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