Relax your corporate headshot without looking like an idiot

April 1, 2019

Headshot Photographer Paul from Photo Heads explains how to relax your corporate headshot without looking like an idiot.

Not having a headshot is better than having a bad headshot, however people want to see what you look like, for whatever reason. Don’t take my word for It check out your own analytics and you’ll notice that the ‘meet the team’, ‘about us’ page or whatever you call it is getting a lot of traffic.

People want to see who they’re dealing with. It’s a natural thing to do. It’s perfectly normal to digitally stalk somebody that you’re doing business with. Your website and LinkedIn are already satisfying that fascination but lets put an end to the freak show currently happening at your website dot com.

After years of appearing awkwardly in front of a bland white background you awake from your banal induced coma and decided the time has come to cast aside that monstrosity of a headshot in favour of something more modern but here’s the thing – modern doesn’t mean wacky. Instead of properly considering this photography decision you rush into a complete change of direction. So what do you do instead? Rather than simply updating all of your shots to something more tasteful you think it’s a good idea to make your headshots fun. Fun is a bad idea. Fun makes you look like an idiot.

After years of looking like a jerk you suddenly look like an idiot instead. All you have to do to avoid looking like an idiot, or a jerk is to have some well taken, tasteful shot pictures. Photographs that have a better quality to them will always win. Have a look around at portraits in newspapers and magazines or even search #portraits on Instagram and you’ll be inspired.

Don’t try and show off your hobbies, interests or pets just get a decent picture like the one above and everything will be just fine.


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