Why are photographs important on a website?

April 8, 2019

It might sound like a stupid question to some but after looking at some sites a lot more people should be asking, ‘Why are photographs important a website’.

The question isn’t simply should you have photographs on a website because I’m pretty sure most people would say yes. The problem is that not enough people realise why they’re important, or they realise it for the wrong reasons.

The problem is that too many websites have terrible photography. The reason for this is because they either don’t realise what a good photograph looks like – they probably don’t have a marketing department. Or they’re too cheap to spend money on the photography – they should put more trust in their marketing department.

The main benefit of having good photography on your site is that it creates a more positive interaction with your user. In some cases this could be because the imagery helps translate or illustrate your message. More importantly, it is because people don’t want to look at a boring old block of text. Equally, folks don’t want to look at a load of crappy out of focus snapshots taken around the office either.

Photography can set the tone for your company. Bad photography can make a good company look like amateurs and good photography can elevate a regional business to look like a big deal.

This collection of images were taken on behalf of an international charity fundraiser to create web content. Along with their headshots, these pictures do help to set the tone of the company. Demonstrating the obvious nature of what street fundraisers do but also highlighting how warm and friendly the fundraisers are on a cold day in the UK

And that’s the trick when asking yourself, ‘why are photographs important on a website’. Think about what it is you’re trying to say to your visitors.


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