Reading Headshot Photography

June 3, 2019

Reading headshot photography doesn’t have to suck it can look like this.

So my usual trips along the M4 usually see me photographing in London or Bristol. Sometime there’s the occasional stop between in Swindon or Bath and here’s a stop off in Reading.

This shoot for HSBC was a mix of ambient office setting photography and the traditional white background shots too. The white studio background was used for safety to make sure that some of those with more traditional views had something that they were familiar with. At the same time we took some ambient shots to keep pace with current trends that are adopted by their contemporaries, competitors and clients.

I picked this images to show off first, mainly for alphabetic reasons and not necessarily because they’re my favourites – they were some of the first files in the folder on my hard drive.

Having said that, these are some of my favourite images because of the calmness of them. The muted tones of this edit combined with the body language and simple smile create a really calm feel.

The whole process with a good shoot is about helping people to feel relaxed, which means they feel comfortable so that their natural personality comes out of them. No nerves, no awkwardness just relaxed poses please.

It makes for a better first impression, and after all a headshot or press shot is exactly that, a chance to make a good first impression.

I will show some of the white background studio photographs in a future blog post but I didn’t want the contrasting images to distract from the feel of these pictures

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