Creative Studio Headshots

September 2, 2019

Creative studio headshots need a good idea in the background and they need to be well executed.

One of the ideas behind these headshots for Maya was to incorporate fruit into the images. If you are planning to incorporate props of some sort you need a reason. Maya’s reason is because they’re a Bristol based digital agency that are pretty hot in the health and wellness industries. Vibrant colours were also order of the day so throwing fruit into the mix also helped to create the right blend!

Originally shot against a white background, Maya introduced the colour into the backdrop and the edit was a Photo Heads edit.

Theses six initial shots are a great mix of backgrounds – a cocktail of colours, you might say. There’s the simplicity of the apple to the energy of the watermelon and the intimacy of the pineapple too. With a shoot like this everybody needed to be on board to avoid looking awkward or uncomfortable. Again, the images do become stronger when they have meaning and within the context of the health and wellness association.

I’ve seen so many ‘fun’ corporate headshots that have people posing with random items they’ve brought from home such as a pot plant or guitar or whatever. The attempt is to showcase the personalities of the people in the team. That’s all well and good but it almost always looks like a random effort at awkwardness. The differences with this shoot is that we show people’s personalities through their energy in the photographs but instead of going to deep into their individual stories we tell the present a unified brand identity. Better.

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