Talking Headshots – The Melon

September 23, 2019

Talking Headshots gives a little bit of background to a Photo Heads headshot. Following from the previous post post, ‘Creative Studio Headshot‘ I’ll look at one of the shots from this session.

The client Maya is a creative agency that works within the health and wellness industry. They wanted to included a reference to this in the photographs. We looked at a number of ideas before settling on fruit as a prop.

Props are a bit of a risky business. They can cause the image to look unnatural, awkward or forced. It think that we managed to avoid it with these images.

Taking the idea of fruit and food consumption there were a number of directions to take this shoot, including a food fight but we decided to avoid getting too messy.

Simply adding a melon here, an apple there, with a here a fruit, there a fruit attitude we’d managed to add a prop without it looking to weird. But it is all about context. Simply having a piece of healthy food in the picture doesn’t work for all people but it works for these guys in the context of what they do. Having said that there are also times when it might not work for them either so it was important to have a neutral shot that didn’t have the whole fruity vibe.

What I personally like about these headshots is that everybody committed. The minute somebody starts to feel awkward prancing about with some fruit is the moment the picture looks awkward. Thankfully everybody engaged in the process.

For the final image Maya replaced the white background withe a pastel colour but have a look but the white shows what we created together.


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