Company Team Photograph Ideas

September 24, 2019

Here are a handful of company team photograph ideas that don’t suck. Team photographs aren’t without their challenges but they don’t have to be awful either.

The first challenge for a company or department team photograph is that people come and go. New recruits won’t be in the photograph and of course employees leave and it seems a little brutal to airbrush them from the picture.

The other challenge is to make the team shot look interesting. You’ve created a well crafted website with a tone of voice that speaks to your existing and future clients. Your website should be a way for you to convert visitors into sales so you need to present them with the same level of quality that they expect to receive from you. With that in mind you don’t want to showcase your people as a bunch of hapless clowns all stood around half heartedly waiting for their picture to be taken. And you don’t want to go for that cringe worthy wave shot – it’s not a wedding photograph.

To address both of these issues you need to employ a little creativity. You don’t need to go over the top about this sort of thing, just a little creativity, it doesn’t have to be a Vanity Fair cover.

Something that reflects you, your business, your people in a way that isn’t lame. And if it looks good it won’t always matter if some of the people have left or that new starters aren’t in the photograph. Instead, this can be a representative image that captures you and your ethos.

Abstract Team Shots

This team shot below was taken in at the company’s Southbank office. A simple shot of the people to give a soft introduction into the office culture and a specific team within the business. Rather than trying to have the whole company in one shot they preferred to have a smaller group. A team that wold be of specific interests to certain clients. Supporting the company headshots, this image creates a familiarity and a first impression of the people but also the feel of the company.

Origin Story

A slightly different look, this shot of the directors was taken in Manchester and embraces the red brick industrial feel reflecting the company’s roots. Operating throughout the UK but with offices in Manchester and London, this picture subtly references their backstory.

Alternative Team Shot

This shot is different again. A software company based in Waterloo, we had a bit of fun with this. There wasn’t a suit in sight so sitting on the floor, leaning against walls in a London backstreet embraces the companies self confidence. They’re not trying to look like everyone else, defining themselves as independent thinkers.

Sky’s the Limit

Finally, all we have to say about this is, it you have a wicked terrace on the top of your building in the City then use it. Get up there and have your picture taken. The End.

In summary. Do something different but not too different and don’t necessarily get too caught up worrying about who’s in and who’s out.


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