How Important are company Headshots?

October 14, 2019

How Important are company Headshots?

How important are company headshots and what should you consider when commissioning company headshots?

What types of business need headshots?

Let’s start by considering the importance of company headshots, which pretty much depends on your type of business. Typically, headshots are more important for service based businesses rather than a product focused company. Product based businesses are concerned with just that, the product. There are exceptions, some small or younger product based businesses that will want to tell the company backstory or the founder inspiration. Companies that have a single product that they want to sell to a community of like minded people will want a presence. Larger product based companies don’t necessarily need headshots – imagine if Coca-Cola had pictures of all their employees taking up space on their website.

So why is it different for service based businesses? Mainly because people are a company’s asset in delivering their services. Of course the mechanics of the service might take centre stage but the people are so important to bridging the service to the real world. The people that provide, manage and monitor the service are the contact points between the business and the customer. That’s why these folks are so important and that’s why they deserve a decent headshot.

There is a slight caveat to that, and that’s the service based businesses that just leave you to it. Unlike something like a firm of solicitors, who will work with you, some companies such as online accounting apps are slightly removed from the personal touch, focusing instead on cost and efficiency.

What is a headshot used for?

In the context of a service based business, one of the most commonly sited reasons for having a headshot is to build trust with potential customers. However, as important as trust is to your business this should probably be something that falls under the wider umbrella of your brand.

Rather than just whacking up a bunch of headshots because you think you should be building trust with customers you should be thinking about your brand values. What is the message that you’re trying to deliver to your customers. Trust is probably part of the answer but a headshot needs to be a reflection of all of your brand values to really make the most out of these first impressions.

So how important are your company headshots?

The answer to this really depends on your brand and your brand. If your people form part of your brand values or are important to your customer’s experience then the headshot is super important. But if not, forget about it.

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