Website Photography Case Study – Unividual (London & Bath)

November 4, 2019

London & Bath based financial planners Unividual set a brief to present an alternative narrative to the traditional financial planners. So this is what we did with their website photography.

The imagery often used to appeal to the 60+ market can be off the mark. Either patronising or downright weird.

Some advertisers stick with images of ‘old’ people grey hair and cups of coco whereas others swing the other way, in an attempt to avoid stereotyping this group as older they take things in a particularly strange direction – mature models on roller-skates or bungee jumping.

The problem with both these representations is that they’re inaccurate. The imagery for the over 60’s is created by people in their 20s, 30s or whatever age that haven’t really taken the time to understand what this group looks like or what appeals to them.

That’s why this assignment for Unividual was attractive to me. They had a plan to speak to a mature age group without falling in to the same old traps.

The grandparent, grandchildren relationship worked because it is an honest representation. Rather than flying a kite on the beach or riding a rollercoaster we took the shots in the pub.

Where else would you rather be?

The messaging is designed to speak to their clients. Aspirational without going over the top. Instead of windsurfing in the Caribbean, the target audience is positioned in a place that they might be found with people that they might like to be found with.

There isn’t anything particularly ground breaking about this approach but it’s simplicity works and in a marketing world where authenticity is a buzz word, why not keep it real.


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