Food photography – promoting the in-person dining experience

November 18, 2019

The in-person dining experience often gets forgotten when it comes to restaurant marketing. You may or not have great food photography but it isn’t the food alone that drives people through the door.

The crazy thing is that people don’t always have great food photography. If you’re marketing a restaurant you really do need to get people excited about what they can eat. Less obvious is presenting the in-person dining experience but it really is just as important.

The experience is where a restaurant wins, so once you get people through the door and give them that experience you’ll get those same people returning through the doors. The challenge is getting them in the first place.

This is why you need to do more than simply present good food. You should be promising that good experience.

Raise the bar

Of course you need to look better than your competitors but less obviously, you all need to out perform your customers too. Photography has never been easier your customers are posting some incredible food pics on social. You can use that to your advantage by sharing, liking and commenting but you should also try and do better.

If your food and lifestyle photography is well crafted then it will also reflect on the quality of the food and experience. If your photography is better than your customers you’ll remain aspirational. You should be the restaurant expert in all elements, food, drinks, and the dining experience. And you should find a way to reflect this through well taken photography and well written copy.

Spreading the love

People want to tell their that a they’ve found a good restaurant. They want to share that the experience was good. It’s one thing letting people say good things about your restaurant but you have to back it up. Your website, Instagram feed, magazine articles and ads need to reinforce the message.

Again that message isn’t just the stuff on the plates, it’s the people, the chefs, the front of house and anybody you’ll encounter – show them off in their cool aprons or whatever it is that makes them stand out. Get some images of the cool tableware and fancy glasses that you use. Sometimes even the raw ingredients will set you apart.

I think I’ve laboured the message but for one last time, just incase – when thinking about your restaurant marketing, don’t just think about your food and menu photography, think about presenting the in-person dining experience.


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