How to to look good in headshots if you’re not photogenic

November 25, 2019

Looking bad in front of the camera isn’t ideal for a portrait so here’s how to look good in a headshot if you’re not photogenic.

So what is it to be photogenic and how do you achieve the photographic holy grail? The trouble is that how exactly do you define what it is to be photogenic. Personally, I think that any body can be photogenic but it more often than not it has more to do with your mind than your face.

Of course there are people that have interesting faces. That doesn’t necessarily mean they are the most beautiful people – especially as beauty is subjective.

Interesting bone structures and expressive faces make people photogenic but there’s a lot more to it than that and it’s quite easy to master if you can get your head around it.

Have confidence

No matter where I photograph, London, Manchester, Bristol, Birmingham, wherever, I can almost guarantee that I’ll hear somebody tell me that they’re the least photographic person I’ll meet.

Being photogenic is to a large part a state of mind. It’s all about confidence and looking comfortable in front of the camera. We get a bit to wrapped up in the term beauty but an attractive quality in people is charisma. Energetic charming people are great to be around. This energy translates into photographs too.

Be confident in front of the lense and you look great in your portrait, press shot, headshot or whatever.

A photographer can make you photogenic

So what do you do if you’re naturally introverted or a little camera shy and you just can’t get passed that to be confident in front of a camera. This is why your photographer brings his or her skills to the party.

If you feel uncomfortable having your picture taken, forget about it. Your photographer will make you look good. Alittle coaching here and a bit of chat there will make all the difference. Natural looking pictures look better than awkward poses so don’t worry your photographer (or at least your Photo Heads photographer) will keep it simple to halep you look as relaxed as possible but the tniest bit of coaching will help.

Conversation is the photographer’s other secret weapon. Make you feel comfortable and relaxed as you chew the fat will put you at ease before and during the the shoot. It makes all the differnce.

Believe me you are photographic and even if you don’t know it, I’ll make it happen.


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