Corporate Headshot Photography – City of London

December 2, 2019

Corporate Headshot Photography in the City of London can be anything from a block colour background to an environmental office portrait. Alternatively if could go all out for the City feel.

You might like to look through our headshot photography gallery to see more examples of Photo Heads style, or view more London headshots here. Or you could just get in touch to discuss your headshots.


City portraits used to be about power poses, arms folded and legs astride but they don’t have to be. It depends on your businesses brand, it’s values and what your customers want from their business relationships.

The best thing to do is get in touch so that we can work out what will work for you.


Photo Heads come to you, wherever you’re based and work within your environment so that you don’t have to up sticks and visit our studio. This is the best way to avoid downtime.

We’ll also coach you to ensure that you all look great in front of the camera by feeling comfortable in front of the lens. I know, everybody hates having their picture taken but I think you’ll enjoy a a Photo Heads shoot.

So you’ve decided that you need the best possible photography to grab people’s attention so let’s get on with it. Get in touch so that we can get to work on improving your first impression.

We’ll do all the leg work, by creating a running order to make the day go smoothly and then once we’ve photographed everyone we’ll get to work individually editing each shot so that you look your best.


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Photo Heads can mostly be found photographing in London, sometimes in Bristol and occasionally elsewhere but we do travel throughout the UK and Europe.

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