What I Love About This Headshot – The Relaxed Statesman

December 9, 2019

What I love about this headshot is the relaxed statesman look. It’s got a statesmanlike quality but it’s equally relaxed and slightly informal at the same time.

Suit, cut away shirt and a double Windsor knot don’t necessarily scream relaxed headshot. But it’s relaxed for a shirt, tie and suit style headshot. If you can be bothered to take the time to look at other suited and booted headshots they often have a very different feel to them. A bit fussy, a bit stuff, contrived and sometimes arrogant.

A business suit is a formal garment of a gentleman. A gentleman should not be arrogant. A gentleman is confident not arrogant. In this headshot confidence is translated through the smile.

Instead of trying to assume contrived poses – folded arms and power stances – confidence is transmitted through a sense of ease and comfortableness with one’s self.

And that’s what I love about this headshot. It’s relaxed with a statesman like quality. And That’s what makes this a good headshot.

So the qualities within this headshot can be translated to any headshot, a actor’s headshot, corporate headshot, personal brand pictures, or whatever other kind of headshot that you can think of. At least that’s the Photo Heads philosophy.

Relaxed confidence make a great first impression. Stuffiness doesn’t go over quite so well. Why do business with a stuffed shirt when you can do business with a genuine person instead.

Genuine is the all important word here. To be genuine you have to relax and stop trying too hard. When introduced to somebody you shake hands and make eye contact. You don’t fold your arms and shape your face a sultry scowl so don’t do it in a headshot.

That’s what I love about this headshot, it’s genuine.


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