Creative Headshot Photography London

December 16, 2019

Creative headshot photography London is a fairly loose term so you might want to think about what that means to you.

So whatever it is you’re looking for, a cool, creative or stylish headshot of the things that can influence the look of a headshot will revolve around how the people and place are presented.

Posing for the Headshot

So if you’re after something that looks a little more creative than the really awful company headshots with folks turning to look over their shoulders, complete with big cheesy grins and folded arms to finish the look then all you have to do is act natural.

Authenticity is the name of the game. Sitting or standing in a way that is natural and normal to you and that is also natural to the context. When people view your headshot they’re checking you out to see what they think. Deciding if they want to do business with you or having a sneaky peek before meeting up with you.

Considering that this is your first impression be relaxed, approachable and most of all be you. So don’t fold your arms or frown. Be normal instead. We’ll help with a little coaching (if you need it) to help you feel comfortable in front of the lens for that beautifully relaxed, natural and creative headshot.

The Setting

More often than not companies looking for creative headshots to match their brand already have a good looking building which helps but whether you’ve got a super cool office or not it doesn’t really matter. When you get a visit from Photo Heads we can help make the background look great.

The background is usually a bit of a blur but we’ll look to see what will create the right feel for the type of message your trying to create.

In this collection of headshots the client had a very green, dynamic ethos and the plants were an important element of the office that they wanted to have included. The trick was to be subtle enough that the guy didn’t have a plant pot on his lap, while having the plants included in a softer almost subliminal way.

This did require shifting a shelving unit and moving the greenery around but it worked.

How To dress For You Headshot

Keep it simple and keep it in line with your company aesthetic. If you don’t wear suits to meet clients then don’t wear them in your headshots either. Equally, if you don’t wear your favourite Stranger things tee to a meeting then don’t don that for your portrait either.

The other thing to consider is consistency. Some businesses like to create an equal environment despite internal hierarchal positions. If this is the case you might want to discuss how people are planning to approach their pictures. If all the directors turn up in suit jackets, shirts and jeans then you might want everybody to be closer to that look or move the directors away from this trusty old style.

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