Photo Heads Challenge – Food

April 3, 2020

Challenge #1 Food. Let’s get shooting. Take pictures of food related subjects. Post them on social and tag me or email them over. And, if you’re using an a hashtag friendly platform, use #PhotoHeadsChallenge

As we adjust to our temporary existence in isolation we’re entertaining ourselves with the pleasure of eating or passing time by snacking. Food is providing structure to lots of people’s days, with the meals providing break points.

So, this first challenge is to photograph food but think about the framing as you set about taking your pictures.


This is a nice challenge to think about framing. Think about what’s in the frame, what’s left out of the frame and where you’re positioning subjects within the frame and why.

Experiment with the same setup photographed with slightly different framing. Have the main subject on the left of the picture, then move it to the centre and also the right of the picture. See what you think of each shot. Decide which you like best and decide why.

The basic rule of framing in photography is the rule of thirds. Have a look at the images below and you’ll see the image is broken down into thirds (using a pink grid). The photograph is spit into thirds both vertically and horizontally. If you’re not familiar with the rule of thirds, there’s some explaining to do. The quickest and easiest way to explain it is to aim for the points where the lines intersect.

As you can see from this image the lemon is more or less in the right place to make the photograph interesting. If the lemon was in the middle the image might have been less dramatic. Because of the position of the subject, the empty space becomes interesting. The lines of the shadows are able to create some interesting shapes that might otherwise have been missed.

The most important thing to remember about the rule of thirds is to use it as more of a guide than a rule. Rules’ are there to be broken. Be creative and have fun.


Just because the theme is food, it doesn’t have to be ‘food photography’. Use food as an umbrella theme to explore something that interests you.

You could produce a documentary mini series, recording the process of making the food. Alternatively you might want to photograph food lifestyle images, fine art or abstract images. Portraiture could also be used, photographing people with food could be fun.

Do whatever takes your fancy but try and think about framing.


Once you’ve taken the picture share it for the world to see. Post it on every social channel you use so that people can see it. Let’s brighten peoples feeds with a little positivity, a little excitement, a little bit of art.

Make sure that you tag me or email the images to me so that I can share them too and I’ll give feed back where possible too.

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