Plain Studio Backgrounds Look Good Too

April 8, 2020

Plain studio backgrounds look good too. See for yourself if you don’t believe me. despite the trend for shooting corporate headshots in an office environment, plain studio backdrops can also look really good.

I love photographing with a studio backdrop but I also love a plain backdrop if suits the brand and the idea. More importantly, I recommend using a plain background when the office is so much of a mess that there really isn’t anything else for it.

So let’s get into it. There can sometimes be a bit of a negative stigma about using a plain backdrop to form the background of a headshot. The reason for that can still be seen. It can be seen on LinkedIn, on company websites and within the pages of trade magazines across the world. Commonly know as a shit headshot – all white background, harsh lighting and awkward looking subject.

The problem isn’t necessarily the fault of the background. Yes a white background can sometimes look a bit plain but that’s not the reason shots of this type look so bad. The reason is because the photographer didn’t know what he or she was doing.

Find a skilled photographer that has mastered his craft and you might find that a plain background works for you.

Why Choose A Plain Background

The reason for choosing a plain background over the more popular ambient office background is exactly that. The blurred out office backdrop is definitely having a moment. Instead of being part of that moment get ahead of it. Maybe we’ve reached peak ‘ambient office headshots’.


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