Employee LinkedIn Headshots Really Do Need To Look Good

April 20, 2020

Employee linkedIn headshots need to look good because this is often where people will have first contact with your brand.

It’s crazy not to have some influence over staff LinkedIn photos. Especially as more often than not they’re using LinkedIn as a company representative.

Remember when linkedIn was a place for job hunting. Those days are over. Of course that is still how people find new employment but it’s also the place to find new business too. Not to mention massaging and nurturing existing relationships. You really need to look good while you’re doing it.

Companies invest in their brand strategy to ensure that their messaging is perfect at all contact points. Unfortunately, they often forget about or don’t feel comfortable extending the brand agenda to employee’s LinkedIn profile. This probably needs a rethink.

The Challenge

The challenge that companies face is that they don’t actually have any control over an employees physical image on social media. Of course employment contracts will prevent employees damaging or seriously embarrassing the company. The problem is that a badly taken, picture of Dave the new business rep on the beach, bare-chested downing a pina colada doesn’t fall into the gross misconduct category.

However, it doesn’t look very professional either so this is something that companies should try to influence.

The Solution

Because you can’t just tell people which photograph to use for their LinkedIn profile you need to give them a reason to use a better shot. If companies want employees to use picture that falls in line with the company brand guidelines then give them that picture. Make sure that the picture they have is the coolest picture that’s ever been taken of them. Make sure they look great and feel good about it.

This doesn’t just mean find a great photographer that will take an incredible picture and edit it so look really fantastic. It means engaging employees so that they know why they’re having their picture taken, how it will help and let them prepare for it.

Tell people when the shoot is taking place so that they can have a haircut, wear the right clothes and fell happy about their appearance. Don’t just tell them they’re having their picture taken as they walk through the door on a moody Monday morning.

Give people a reason to fall in love with their headshot so that they do use it on LinkedIn.

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