Working Safely As A Photographer During Covid-19

June 4, 2020

Government guidance allows photographers to be carrying out their work and the Association of Photographers has produced operational guidance, which we would comply with at all times ( This is how I will be working safely as a photographer during the Covid-19 period of social distancing.

It’s important that when working together we can protect the safety of everybody involved and associated with the process.

Fortunately the equipment we work with to photograph, headshots, products, food or anything else enables us to adhere to distance requirements between people on shoots. Below are some key points on how we plan to approach each assignment:


  • All plans regarding the shoot can be discussed with clients via video web technology, such as Google Meet, Zoom, Skype or the equivalent. Alternatively, not every call has to be a video meeting so we can speak on the phone too. This is not much different to how arrangements are usually made.
  • Shoot guidelines will be sent to all participants in advance of the session.
  • Participants will be asked to confirm their understanding and acceptance of the guidelines.
  • A risk assessment for each shoot will be completed with the client prior to the shoot.

The shoot

  • General hand hygiene, including washing hands for at least twenty seconds before and after each session. Hand sanitiser will also be used.
  • Sanitisation of all camera equipment.
  • Where props are required, these will only be handled by one person.
  • A 2 metre distance can be adhered to between subjects.
  • Nobody to attend the shoot who is displaying possible symtpoms of Covid-19 or who have been required to isolate for other reasons.
  • It is our understanding from the guidelines that photographers are not obliged to wear facemasks on shoots if working at a 2m distance from their subject, however a mask can be worn if preferred by the client.
  • We will bring our own food, drink and any other equipment to the shoot and take it away with us.


  • All post-production work will be carried out off site and can be shared via the appropriate web technology.
  • Discussions post shoot can be carried out either via video chat or phone calls.

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