Actor Headshots

June 11, 2020

An actor’s headshot is arguably the most important promotional tool so you’d better get it right.

Searching for an Actor Headshot is actually easier than you think. Find a photographer that you like the look of. If you like the look of my work get in touch but if you don’t move on. There are a number of conventions that people still feel that they ned to follow but that’s a bit of a bum steer.

If you carry on following the same old trends of every headshot you’ve ever seen then you’d end up looking like classic Nigel Havers.

I’ll talk about how to get the best from your headshot but have a look at some of my previous actor headshots first.


Your headshot is a collaboration between you and me. We work together to get the best shot. We’ll need to bring our life and personality. You bring your personality, spare clothes, positive energy and enthusiasm. I’ll bring the camera, lights and a bit of energy of my own.

Together we’ll create the perfect actor headshot. You’ll get some variation too – maybe something safe and more typical but also something that more creative and interesting.


If you want to find out about your headshot then get in touch and I’ll run you through the process, costs and availability.

The process will be fast and straightforward as possible. Once you’ve realised you need a new headshot you don’t want to wait for it so we’ll help you get on with it.


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