First impressions count, which is why your profile portrait is so important.  Having a remarkable company headshot is a great way to standout amongst your competitors – it allows your potential clients and customers to trust you.

What exactly does it take to make a headshot remarkable? A great headshot is a co-creation between you and your photographer. Your photographer will coach and relax you before the framing, lighting and location all come together to make you look awesome.

Oh yeah, and forget about a white background – there’s nothing more boring than a person stood in front of a white screen. If you insist on a plain backdrop we can bring it but we’d rather not. Let’s discuss location and the best place to shoot you! Ideally, an impactful headshot will be shot against an ambient background. All the focus will be on you with the background thrown out of focus you’ve got an interesting photograph that you’ll be proud of.

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