Architectural Photography

June 13, 2016

A brief collection of architectural photography. Featuring the impressive lines and form of the buildings to the raw materials that are the building blocks (literally) of a construction.

When it comes to architectural photography, as a client you need to ask yourself what it is you want from the images. What is the purpose and how will the photographs you’re commissioning help you and your business? You might want something conceptual but what will your potential clients want to see, they might prefer to see the details rather than the arty pictures of the building blending into the landscape. The thing to remember is that you can have it all. From the grand vista to the detailed materials or a wide shot saying, we did this.

Photo Heads Architecture Photography-8

Photo Heads Architecture Photography-9

Photo Heads Architecture Photography-5

Photo Heads Architecture Photography-6

Photo Heads Architecture Photography-7

Photo Heads Architecture Photography-1


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