Colour or Black & White Photography?

October 31, 2016


So here’s the question colour photography or black and white photography? I’m not sitting on the fence with this question, when it comes to commercial photography it should almost always be colour and that’s what I recommend any of my Photo Heads clients to choose but the choice is yours.

OK so let’s get into it, black and white photography isn’t as good as you think. In fact most of the time black and white photography sucks and the reason it sucks is because not enough care and attention is given to a black and white photograph – it’s usually either an ‘easy option’, a cop out or a cover up.

There’s a lot more to pointing a camera and pressing a button when making a good photograph. I won’t bore you with the details about composition, lighting, blah, blah and blah but what I will say is that editing is a huge part of the process. Once the picture has been taken you get into the nitty gritty – editing. A photographer takes time to craft the perfect editing processes to make the picture look amazing. Everything from the colour palette to amount of grain added (or removed) is considered.

With colour photography, you’ll see a host of subtle details that enhance the photographs meaning that people love and take notice of them. When it comes to black and white photography the same care and attention should be given to the image but you know what this rarely happens. You’ll find that somebody that isn’t a photographer (or at least isn’t a very good photographer) will use some kind of present or a built in camera function to turn a picture from colour to black and white.

The truth is that black and white images do hide the imperfections, the ugly backgrounds and even out of focus images but why would you want that when you could just have a good standard of photography that doesn’t need to hide behind a nostalgic filter to look half decent.

When I create black and white photographs I take as much care creating them as I do with my colour edits but I still think that colour is a stronger choice. It’s more authentic and it’s more vibrant. Unless there’s a specific reason to choose black and white photography as part of the overall marketing narrative there really is no reason not to opt for colour.

So there you have it the Photo Heads take on colour Vs black and white photography debate. Let me know what you think, email me at or give me a call on 07533 848807.


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