Photographing London

January 9, 2017

I can work anywhere in the UK but I love shooting in West London. I’m not even based in London, I’m a commercial photographer based in Bristol and Bath but West London is just so convenient for me. But what I really love is the vibrancy.

Travelling across the Southwest or into Wales and Cardiff might seem like a natural stomping ground but Jumping on a train at Bristol Temple Meads or Bath Spa stations into Paddington is a real piece of cake. And when getting off the other side the pace has picked up, there’s a frenetic energy that gets you pumped. When I got the chance to shoot the inside of Paddington Station for a client, it seemed like the perfect job. Paddington represents my front door into London and here I am shooting the interior architecture of this great station.

Although I’ve spoken about the energy of this station, this shot was taken at night when it’s quieter. Despite loving the hustle of the capital city I needed the shot to include only a few people. This required me to take the shot at night when the place was a little emptier.

It shows that Photography isn’t simply a matter of turning up and taking the shot and it isn’t a 9 – 5 job either. Getting the right shot takes planning and if you want shots of London without the people then an early start or late finish is sometimes necessary.


If you’ve started thinking about having some professional, product or services shots taken of your company then get in touch. Even if you’re not ready to commission a photographer, I can talk you through the process and the things that you might need to think about and guide you through some of the images that might work for you.

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