How to look confident in headshots – SQUINCH

July 12, 2017

In this blog post I’m going to talk about the squicnh as a technique for looking confident in headshots. Before I do start talking about squinching, let me first be clear that the credit for the squinch goes to the New York based photographer Peter Hurley who first came up with this term.


When I’m photographing headshots I try and give a little coaching to help people look and feel comfortable and confident. Whether your headshot is a corporate or company portrait or for your own personal brand it’s your opportunity to make a great first impression. And you’re never going to make a killer impact if your photograph is badly taken, you look scruffy or nervous.


The crazy thing about appearing confident in front of the camera is that very few people have this confidence despite having it IRL. I meet people, shake hands we talk and they’re happy smiling and confident and then when I pick up the camera – GULP – they’re nervous as hell. Which i why I try and coach people by putting them at ease and helping them to shape their bodies and faces.


One technique I recently tried was Peter Hurley’s squinch which is a mixture of squinting and pinching the eyes. There’s a video below to show you how it’s done but have a look at the headshot above, from a shoot in Clerkenwell recently to see the affect. As you can see the gal in the picture looks totally in control. Her eyes are pinched just enough and there is the hint of a smile to make her look approachable and confident.


So big thanks to Peter Hurley for sharing this technique. He’s a totally incredible photographer although different in style to me, much more dramatic in his approach so you’ll see certain differences in my squinch style – mine’s more of a demi-squinch but check out the video before you have your headshot. Trust me it will definitely help.



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