Photographing Clerkenwell

August 2, 2017

Well I wasn’t able to attend the Clerkenwell Design Week 2017 so I thought I’d post a few photographs of Clerkenwell to feel like I’m there in spirit. The reason I missed it was because I was just so busy, as you can probably tell – it’s taken me a couple of months since the event to even write this blog post!


Clerkenwell is one of my favourite parts of London and last time I was there on a commercial shoot, photographing headshots, I took a little time out at the end of the day to capture some of the areas surrounding the offices I’d been working at. It was a bit of dual purpose, the client wanted some shots of the area to be able to build a picture about their location to help visitors feel familiar before arriving. The other reason was for my own personal indulgence. I rarely find time to take photographs for my own pleasure so I thought I’d knock out a few architecture style images – not real architecture photography – more the Instagram style architecture pictures really.


So the images below consist of a bit of a mix but have a look through them for yourselves. There are some external photograph’s of my client’s building which were taken as a marker for people trying to find them but you’ll also see some architecture shots, relying on straight lines to create points of interest. And although I don’t use black & white photography very often there was one particular shot that deserved a monochrome treatment.


Other things you’ll notice are the less prominent landmarks, no churches or pretty coloured shop fronts. Instead you’ll see an anonymous looking restaurant (with a good reputation) and an inviting boozer. For the more obvious landmarks, you’ll see the classic red phone box joined by newer Boris Bikes. Oh yea, and there are some weird looking bird boxes too.




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