September 13, 2017

Yep, you’ve guessed it, I’m talking about photographing plants as products. What I found most interesting about this assignment was the client’s drive to create pretty images for their commerce business.


In a nutshell the purpose of these photographs is to sell plants through a website and the brief was to present the images in lifestyle galleries rather than the boring old white backgrounds.


Of course I’m here to make a living butI also want to take photographs that I enjoy creating, and enjoy looking back at. The challenges of this product photography shoot certainly fulfilled those criteria for me so I’m really pleased that I headed to North London for this interesting product shoot to photograph theses plats at a lovely little location hidden away in Enfield.


The shoot wasn’t without it’s challenges. The client was new to this whole photoshoot business so they weren’t as organised as some other clients. No shot lists and nobody to take charge but luckily I’m not new to this so managed. But what was missing in organisation was made up for in enthusiasm and help was at had with some styling and together we nailed it.


There’s a definite benefit producing beautiful, lifestyle-inspired eCommerce  images goes way beyond the obvious. Yes, they look great on the site, engaging visitors and selling a lifestyle rather than a product. The other benefit of this approach is that they’re getting great value for money – instead of having a collection of typical product (or catalogue) photographs, these images can be used for for marketing activities. The printed marketing material, social content and whatever else the business decides to use as promotion tools can all use these same images from the product shoot.


Have a look through a handful of my favourite photographs from the shoot and if you’d like to see more or discuss something similar, get in touch.



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