Food Photography – Milk & Cookies

November 20, 2017

I’m going to talk about food photography and context but rather than talking about the styling and accessories this is the editing and overall look of the picture to help tell the story.


So this post is about food photography but it’s relevant to the wider product photography too. I could probably insert a venn diagram, showing the relationship and crossovers between product, food and lifestyle photography but I’m not corporate enough for that kind of ‘blue sky’ and ‘out of the box’ thinking to subject you to a venn diagram. Anyway, the point is that there are crossovers between the three disciplines that help sell stuff, and whichever way you package it, that’s the name of the game – using beautiful images to attract, entertain, excite and convert customers.


So in this image there’s a limited amount of styling. The cookies could be an accessory to the milk or vice versa, it really doesn’t matter which is the dominant product because I want you to look at the style of the photograph itself. Milk and cookies (or biscuits) create a sense of nostalgia, as does the old-fashioned milk bottle. So the idea with this shoot was to make it nice and grainy to give it a throwback to old school photography, slightly referencing film photography. The grain also gives the image a more tactile feel which is warm and homely, which is designed to feed in to the nostalgic aesthetic.


To further reinforce that feeling of warmth and the sense of home the light in the image is very low with a warm temperature helps with that ‘kind of nostalgic’ feel. Although nostalga was high on the list and I talk about warmth I didn’t want the image to be too cosy, which is why the light source was dark and used some more dramatic images.


I think it looks better than one of those boring old food or product shots that blend into the background boring the life out of people, rarely making enough of an impact to attract, excite or entertain potential customers.

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