London Headshots

June 1, 2018

Onsite with this client in the city for this collection of headshots was worth it. Creating a studio on site for these City of London Headshots was worth navigating the traffic and missing out on some fantastic sunny weather.

There’s no escaping the Central London traffic because when we need to build a studio onsite, it’s impossible to even consider humping bags of kit and 8ft rolls of paper on the tube but it was worth it because these studio portraits came out perfectly. Traditional (blank colour background) studio photography is something that we try to avoid in favour of an ambient backdrop but this client had a style guide that they wanted to meet, which essentially involved a plain dark grey background. So there was only one thing for it, to build a studio on site.

The irony was that this early April photoshoot was an absolutely beautiful day, bright sunshine, the first nice day of the year and we were inside blocking out the daylight to give more control over the artificial lights.

The challenge with artificial lighting is to prevent the images from looking too harsh. A lot of studio portraits can look too bright with the light looking harsh ugly and unflattering. The reason for blocking out all of the day light was to give complete controlling allowing the lighting to be softened and the direction to be shaped to create shadows exactly where we wanted them.

And it worked. The look and feel of these images has a really lovely studio shots that have a really atmospheric feel to them.


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