Having a headshot photograph is like visiting the dentist

June 7, 2018

Not many people like having their photograph taken. While photographing somebody in our favourite London studio on Brick Lane, I compared the process of having your headshot taken to the experience of going to the dentist. The more that I think about it the more that I think this really is true for so many people.


Most people are nervous

Much like visiting the dentist, people arrive for their headshot a little nervous. With both experiences, there really isn’t anything to be scared of – what’s the worst that could happen? Once the experience is over you’ll be pleasantly surprised that it didn’t hurt a bit and you’ll wonder what you were afraid of. You’ll be in one piece and it’s unlikely that you’ll be bruised or bleeding!


It’s all about the smile

Much like your dentist, a decent photographer will make you look good when you smile. The tooth doctor is focused on making your teeth look great, whereas a good photographer knows how to stop you looking like an idiot with a big awkward grin. Not all photographers will do this, some champion the big cheesy smile or prefer the super serious intensity of a model on a catwalk, but it should be about a comfortable, natural looking relaxed smile. Much like the photograph above your photographer should work with you to make you comfortable and make you smile look honest to achieve a contemporary headshot look.


You need it more than you want it

Given the choice you wouldn’t go to the dentist. You go because you want a mouthful of teeth for eating and smiling. It’s that smile that helps create a great fist impression and same is true of a headshot. You don’t want to go through the process of being snapped but you need to make a good first impression so you need to have a headshot and that headshot needs to be a great.

The thing to remember about having a headshot is that it won’t hurt a bit.


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